Still Fighting It

Since last time we spoke:

– Went to the Minute Clinic and got a script for antibiotics. Diagnosis: sinus infection with pending ear infection

– Battled ungodly congestion, funk and fatigue while waiting and praying for antibiotics to START WORKING ALREADY

– Went home from work after having crazy, uncontrollable coughing fit in boss’s office

That brings us to today. I decided to stay home from work today to try and [fortheloveofallthingsholy] get this cough under control, since talking (and breathing) seems to make the cough worse.  And cough medicine does nothing. Cough drops really only make my stomach marginally queasy. So, humidifiers then.

There’s good news, though! I think the antibiotics have kicked in, because I slept the entire night through last night (YIPPEE!) and am just, shall we say, LESS GROSS today. I am thankful for small victories and am hoping to be much more better tomorrow.

The end.


  1. Stay home tomorrow so you can catch up on rest. Otherwise the infection(s) may linger much longer than you bargain for. Oh and chicken soup…lots of chicken noodle soup.

  2. Go for a bike ride. It’s just what you need.

  3. Yes, I agree with Mom P.  I know how bad you must feel.  It takes so long to get rid of those nasty things.  When I broke my ankle, my sinus infection made me feel worse than my ankle.  Hopefully if you have some sunshine, you might feel like sitting outside for a little while.  For me, the sun is very soothing and healing.

  4. GrandmaP says:

    Michael is just SO very funny…

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