Swim Lessons

Our son is an absolute fish. I know – I always used to roll my eyes when other moms said that about their kids. But, have those other moms’ kids been, for all intents and purposes, trying to drown themselves since the ripe old age of 1? I bet not.

Anyway, it seemed about time to get this kid entered in swimming lessons.  We checked around a few places, but ultimately settled on our park district’s offerings. Cheap and conveniently close, the classes seemed to fit the bill. The only disappointing thing is that the park district lumped all kids together from ages 6 months to 3 years. I wish, in a way, that I’d really thought about what that would mean for the content of the class.

The class met in an indoor pool 4 days a week for two weeks straight – 30 minutes a class. Kind of like a boot camp. Intense classes, but then you’re done. The time of the class was 6:00, which meant I had to hightail it out of work on time, pick Graham up at daycare and change at the pool. We were notably the *only* parents not arriving to the pool changed and ready to go. I don’t know how the others did it, honestly, but it didn’t make me feel very on top of my game somehow.

The class was, shall we say, not meaty. They handed out toys and let the kids play. We’d circle up every 10 minutes or so and sing a song. Otherwise, we were pretty much left to our own devices. Swim instructors milled around and asked to see Graham do this or that. He never had trouble. Really, actually, the only skill that we didn’t master by the time we left class was floating on his back, but we’re getting there.

Otherwise, Graham loves going fully underwater. He loves jumping in from the side, kicking, scooping with his hands, blowing bubbles, crawling along the side of the pool – you name it.

Basically, what I’m saying here, is: Graham had the time of his life every day after school for two weeks in a row. :) I don’t really think I’d change a thing actually. Plus – and this is a big one – we got to have our own little special thing, just him and me. It’s hard being the person sucking all the fun out of his day constantly. When I’m around, we’re all business. Getting dressed, teeth brushed, into the car, off to school, getting hands washed, sitting down to dinner, etc. etc. etc. Dad’s around after school and on weekends. That’s a tough act to compete with!

So that was swim lessons, in a tiny little nutshell.  After the very final class, the swim teachers handed out bags of animal crackers to the kids. Talk about the way to Graham’s heart!

Last day of swim classes!

Animal Crackers!!!1!!!11!!!!!1!

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