Thank You, BabyCenter

I receive weekly emails from that give me updates as to what my kid might be ‘up to’ in recent or coming weeks, based solely on age and where their expected physical/emotional/cognitive development might be.  Here’s 18 months, 2 weeks:

YES.  THANK YOU!  Yes the email’s laying it on a little thick, but there have to be threads of truth to that, right?.  It’s really hard to see my happy-go-lucky Graham in his school classroom every day only to have him collapse into a pile of TEARS and RAGE when I pick him up.  Like… no matter how hard I reason that one out, it does a bit of damage to the ol’ soul, you know what I mean?

Teachers would feel compelled to come over to G, while he’s in my arms, just to cheer him up.  To stop the flow of tears and stay all the angry writhing just so we could civilly make it out the door. 

I did get smarter this week and ceased my typical routine of following him around the classroom to see every. last. one. of the toys he’d played with that day only to have to pick him up so we could make a break for home already(!).  No, about the middle of this week, I brought his blankie with me, stood by the door, waved “hi” to him and said, “Ready to go home, bud?”  [cue the smile and turn to run the other direction] Then: “Want your blankie?”  Inevitably, he whipped his head around, saw his beloved, and came running toward it.  Blankie in arms, he smiled up at me and said, “Up?”

“Nooo problem, kiddo.  Let’s go home and see Daddy.”

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