I’m sitting in a dark bedroom at the end of a long weekend at home with my family. The only sound in here is the hum of a ceiling fan and the steady rhythm of Reid’s breathing in the pack ‘n play at the foot of the bed. 

And I can’t help but feel grateful. For everything.

This time a month ago, life looked very different for us. We lived in Texas, owned a different house, worked different jobs, and the kids went to different schools. Now, day-to-day life looks very different for our little family. Still, though – my guys are with me, and joy is abundant.

We traveled home to central Illinois to stay with my mom and dad this weekend. My brothers and their families traveled in for Thanksgiving dinner. I chased, squeezed and tickled a *lot* of nephews this weekend. McKenna and I waved, smiled and batted our eyelashes at one another. (Because, girls.)

Reid has a cold, but it didn’t stop him from celebrating the heck out of his 1st birthday (4 days early) today. Erin made the most professional-looking cake for the party – shaped like the number “1”. Like seriously, this cake could have been ordered. And it is easily the best cake I’ve eaten in years.

We took so many pictures, which I’ll post in the next entry, after we get back to the apartment. 

But I come back to the sounds of this little boy’s breathing in the dark, here with me. 

We did it. We made it. One year together as a family of four. Andy and I, keeping two little boys alive all by ourselves. Sickness and health. Joy and pain. At home and on the road. 

In this year, we made some realizations about how we want to live our lives for the long term. We set a plan in motion to get back more time with family, and so far so good. I can feel it coming together – huge parts of it already have. 

Less time in the car. More time with the boys. Slower pace. Focus on family. We’re getting there, and I am so, so thankful for that.


  1. Love this! Shows when you put your mind to it (and send your prayers upstairs), anything is possible. 

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