The Blackout

Well, as my Great Aunt Marilyn pointed out at dinner this evening, “It’s a full moon tonight!!” I’ve never taken issue with a full moon before – not even when I was on labor watch – but tonight it did us in.

Today, we got a visit from Marilyn, who lives with my Great Uncle Mark in Wausau (which is just a couple of hours from here.) She was in town for a meeting today and was free to come visit us at our apartment late afternoon. This was her first time seeing us after the move!

She arrived at our house around 4:00. Andy and Graham were home and making  a meatloaf for us. (Their first ever!)

graham making meatloaf

Aside: Graham stays home with Andy on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will until Andy finds a job here. We’ve had to explain this a few times to Graham, who now wakes up in the morning and asks, “Do you have a job yet, Daddy??”

Andy loves that.

Okay, not really.

Back on topic, so, Andy & Graham had the meatloaf in the oven. I left work a little early and picked up Reid from daycare. (Yes, our daycare schedule is weird. For some reason “part time” at Graham’s age is 3 days a week, for Reid’s age it’s 4. And it’s not negotiable. But they were the only ones who had room for us – so we’re making it work!) I was just about home when I got a text.

blackout text

Yep. 5 minutes from home, with guests, AND a meatloaf half-cooked in the oven, and the power went out. :::shakes fist at full moon:::

We made the most of it. We’re walking distance from several restaurants, so we put coats on and headed to a pizza place. It’s pretty amazing, but our favorite pizza place ever in Dallas? There’s one half a block from our apartment. :)

blackout dinner

We ordered a deep dish pizza so we’d have plenty of waiting time. Graham ordered himself some “Pasta. With no sauce. And and and BUTTER!” (A recent favorite.) Reid spilled an entire cup of water in Andy’s lap and dropped his pacifier on the floor a half dozen times.

We also got to Facetime with Uncle Mark, so we had a full house – even if for a brief time. :)

Later, we went back to the still-dark apartment. Andy put Reid to bed while Graham and I ran to the CVS across the street for some flashlights and candles. The CVS girl said that others had just been in asking for candles when I asked her for help finding them, so I told her the entire city block was out across the street. Residences, anyway. When we were checking out, I told that same girl that I was basically willing the lights to come back on by going and buying all this stuff.

Sure enough, when she had scanned half our items, Andy texted that the lights were back on. Because full moons are like that. Apparently.

I don’t care. No harm done. Just as long as this jinxy business is over and done with. We close on a house tomorrow, you know. (!!!)


  1. You finding the pizza place is just like us finding Mi Cucina! It’s SO comforting to just find one familiar place even thought it is fun to try new things (fun for me….maybe not so much for my better half).

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