The Room 6 Halloween Party

I was right. The party was epic.

Okay, actually, it was exactly what you would expect for a Halloween party in a room full of kids aged 1-2. Some kids were totally insane into it, and some had dazed looks on their faces and were trying to figure out what was going on.

Like our new guy, Cole.

Cole just transitioned to our room last week and spent the duration of the party in a perpetual state of disbelief.

The general flow went like this:

4:00 p.m. Parents arrived to a room void of children, with a note from Graham’s teacher saying they’d [in a sudden stroke of sheer genius] decided to take the kids outside while we prepared the room for the party.  We set to covering tables with orange plastic tablecloths, laying out a treat bag at every seat, and dumped a BUNCH of foam Halloween stickers in the center of the table for kids to choose from. 

On a table in the center?  Snacks – and tons of them.  We had pumpkin muffins with jack o’ lantern faces, fruit snacks, jell-o cups, animal crackers, colored Goldfish, and ho-ho’s.  (Note for next time: limit snacks to two Moms max.  I think everyone wanted to do something this time, and the ‘do something’ equaled ‘bring food’.)

4:10 p.m.  The tods arrived.  I wished I’d had my camera.  They walked into the room, one by one, with sheer awe on their faces and wonder in their eyes.  Their room was decorated and all their moms were there.  They were so, so happy.

4:11 p.m.  We sat down to decorate bags.  I’d originally figured we’d paint, but stickers turned out to be WAY better, because moms could just let kids go to town with zero intervention – save for peeling off paper backs to expose some adhesive.  They got to pick their own stickers, stick them wherever.  They had a blast.  And soon our room looked like this:

Sticker-mania!  No surprise here, Graham was the first to be done with his bag so that he could move onto his snack. (Bag of Goldfish, noted.)

“Okay fine, I’ll pose with my bag, but I’m not going to stop eating!”

A quick aside here – notice the little mark on Graham’s left hand?  That’s a smiley face.  He calls them “Happy”s.  His teacher, Nadiya, started doing this with one kid in her class awhile ago – long before Graham’s time – and other kids saw it and started requesting them, so now all her kids run around with smiley faces on the backs of their hands.

At any given time, Graham has a smiley on the back of each hand.  You will see it if you see him in person.  Whenever he sees us with a pen at home he’s all, “Happy!  Happy! Happy!”  So, we oblige.

Back to the party though!

4:30 p.m. The feasting began.  These kids ate and ate and ate and, just when you thought that there was no way that they could possibly want any more, someone would see another kid with something they hadn’t tried yet and… the feasting would continue.

Graham came home last night all hopped up, had no dinner (no room, hello!), he loaded up a diaper, threw up a little right before bed(<– no worries about this part, just seemed he had a little extra to get rid of, he was perfectly happy and content afterward and no further activity :P), and he eventually sacked out in a sugar-induced coma.

So – success!  Now Graham and the rest of his class have toddler-sized treat bags to take to their school Pumpkin Parade on Friday morning, and I have nothing remaining to plan for the Halloween season!


  1. Grandma Vena says:

    I can understand why Graham likes to go to Day Care. He is so cute. I really enjoyed the video of Grahm & Charlie. Thanks for showing us how well they play

  2. What total fun!! And a great time was had by all…

  3. Hilarious. Loved the play by play

  4. Grandma Sue says:

    So cute! Sounds like a great party!

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