The Thrill of the Hunt

Some of you may not know, but I have developed a fairly serious love affair with resale. My friend Sherryl put me onto it. I was a little skeptical at first, but was hooked the second I started putting down $4-5 for like-new (and sometimes ACTUALLY new) Gymboree and Gap pieces. Less still for department store brands. It’s such a high. (Stop laughing, I’m serious!)

Today, the resale stores in the area were releasing their Halloween costumes. So, naturally, Sherryl and I made a plan of attack.

One store in Plano opened at 8:00 am, one store in McKinney opened at 9:00 am, and the granddaddy pick-of-the-litter store opened at 10:00 am back down in Plano.

I set my alarm for 7:00 am, picked Sherryl up at 7:45, and we arrived at our first stop just shy of opening to this scene.


Yes, there was a line. Halloween costumes are a big deal, right? (Right?) It was crazy. Women flooded the racks. Someone accidentally pulled my ponytail at one place thinking it was an accessory to a cowgirl costume. Moms crouched in uncrowded corners of the store, sorting through piles of 20+ costumes. They’d hoarded at the actual rack, then did a more detailed appraisal away from the insanity. This pic doesn’t show it, really, but it’s a start. If I’d have taken a picture in the actual fray, I’dve lost a hand or worse.


(That’s Sherryl at the counter, asking about the return policy!)

This stop was actually my pot o’ gold. I found Graham a spider costume and a lizard costume that are both so cute that he’s going to have to find an excuse to wear both.

Sherryl, on the other hand had no luck until the last store. At that last place though, we were like a well-oiled machine. We split off and I searched for her daughter’s costume while she looked for her son’s. Kendell, another one of our friends showed up to help.

At this store, WE were the crazy people with 20+ costumes in a corner. At one point, I was guarding the growing pile of costumes, and I heard a mom nearby say, “No honey, this is Luke Skywalker, not Anakin… Do you even know who Luke Skywalker is?” That hurt. The mom and I exchanged looks that expressed how old we felt saying/hearing that out loud.

Sherryl found what she was looking for and left with a flamingo for her daughter and ended up with a shark and a dragon for her son. I also found some other great clothes for G (while I was there, right?), including some Halloween shirts. Hope it gets somewhat cool in October!


Afterward, the dads and kids met up with us at Chick-Fil-A for lunch. We traded war stories and battle wounds from the morning. Awesome time.

(Total aside: Graham went up into the play place all by himself today. Climbed stairs, disappeared into tunnels and reappeared out of nowhere at the bottom of the big slide with a huge smile on his face, in a fit of giggles. Where did my defenseless little baby go?)

So, we survived the crazy moms on costume day at resale. I came away with more than I originally thought I would, including some new everyday shirts and jammies for G. But I can’t resist a good markdown, especially when I imagine this face in those clothes.



  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Sounds like a fun day! Looks like some good finds. You can always do long sleeves and shorts if the temperatures are not too unreasonable.

  2. I’m pretty sure I would have loved every second of this! :) glad you found some bargains… I’m sure you’re still soaring on your high! :)

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