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I was going through my iPhone photos tonight and realized that a lot has gone on in the past month that I haven’t really talked all that much about. Here are some snippets.

Crosby, Stills & Nash

I Facebooked about this, but earlier this month I got to go see one of my parents’ favorite bands of all time. I grew up on the harmonies doled out by this three (with or without Young), and it was absolutely thrilling to see them in person.

Know what I found out? David Crosby is funny. Favorite little monologue of his:

“You know, people call us a political band… I’m not sure why. We mostly write love songs. But, while I’m at it, I’ll give you one political opinion. :::applause::: Just one…

I don’t think that when our forefathers were writing the Constitution that they  intended for the guy with the biggest T.V. budget to get the keys to the kingdom… :::roaring cheers from the crowd:::

… I wrote a love song about that.”

I’m sure I’m not doing it justice, but the line was perfectly timed. You’ll have to take my word for it.

Toddler Happenings

I haven’t really had a ton of time/energy to write about Graham’s development, but folks – we have seen such an improvement in behavior and decline in primitive toddler rage as Graham’s verbal development has really taken hold. We don’t count words in sentences anymore – the kid talks in short paragraphs now. I love this age.

Graham wants to do everything that we do. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that the kid loves his guitar (yes, that’s a ukelele). I have never seen a kid so young with the kind of strumming action Graham has. He’s definitely been watching his father. Granted, he doesn’t always default to holding the guitar like this (hence the picture moment), but it’s amazing to see how much he picks up on. He sings into drumsticks like they’re microphones. He even told his Daddy yesterday that he would really like some drums like Brobee [the Yo Gabba Gabba character] plays on T.V.

With the changes in his vocabulary has come a certain change in awareness. In talking about the arrival of this enigmatic “Baby Brother” of his, he’s realized that there are things for babies and there are things for big boys. We actually haven’t pushed that concept too hard – trying not to force him into more responsibility than he’s ready for – but he’s drawn some of his own conclusions.

One of those realizations was that baby brother was going to wear diapers. And that he… also wore diapers. But, he pointed out, Graham is not a baby. That one sat for a few days and then – bam – sudden renewed interest in the potty and all things “underwear pants”. He went to school in undies today and stayed in them all day. Not the same pair, mind you, but there’s progress being made here. :)

Andrea’s Baby Shower

My friends and I threw another friend a baby shower this weekend. I mentioned it in my last post. She’s just about 30 weeks along with her first, a boy. Jaime and I ‘catered’ the event. It’s so fun to cook and yet… there’s rarely time to do it with any sort of real dedication with the kids (Jaime has twins).

We went really SUPER big on the menu, then slowwwwly pared back to sanity. This is the spread we ended up with.

Stuffed French toast casserole, yogurt & berry parfaits, caprese skewers, three kinds of crostini (goat cheese & fig, apricot & manchego, goat cheese & basalmic tomato), veggies, pita chips and hummus. All said, we unwittingly made a 100% vegetarian menu. We didn’t really set out to, but were pretty darn pleased with ourselves after the fact given our guest of honor is vegetarian. 😉

Ooh… and check these puppies out.

Speaking of things we don’t have time to do but still did anyway – Jaime and her mom made these adorable and AMAZINGLY delicious cupcakes. One set are Black Forest cupcakes and the other set are Vanilla Caramel. :::dies::: They were off the charts delicious.


So that’s kind of what we’ve been up to lately. Just squeezing in this and that. This weekend Craig and Susan are coming down to visit and we’re getting new carpet on Friday. It’s things like my unabashed excitement over carpet that tell me I’m not in my 20s anymore. Just saying.


  1. You foodies certainly can do it up right! Fantastic spread! Of course, love the pic of Graham and his ukelele – so big!

  2. Lovely shower! Cute picture of Graham!

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