Three Years Old

Wow. Three years old. How is that possible? In some ways it seems like, absolutely – three years have definitely passed. On the other hand, it seems to have gone in the blink of an eye.

I feel like, when I look at pictures, Graham hasn’t changed much in the last year.

Then I found this picture, taken a year ago:

Fine, I give. He’s totally grown up a ton.

Age Two has been fun.

No, seriously! Stop laughing.

I have enjoyed this age. Maybe not every minute of every day, but I’m not sure there’s been a year of MY life that I could pin that claim to. Two has been a riot. The language development in and of itself has been worth the trip.

Take, for instance, Saturday. The day of his Spongebob birthday party celebration with our family. He woke up from his nap a little cranky and a little big for his britches. He said something smart to me, and I scolded him for it. He looked at me and said… ready?

“I’m sorry for sassin’ you, Mommy.”

I was speechless. But that’s a pretty typical occurrence – him taking my breath away with his thoughts and subsequent proclamations.

Take again, for instance, last night. We had gone out and bought a black light at the hardware store because we had a hunch one of the animals had been peeing on the carpet upstairs. [WHOLE OTHER POST. *&!^#%*!] We found evidence of it, and marked the spots with painter’s tape to assess the sum total damage, so to speak. Graham found the taped spots upstairs and asked “Who made all this mess?”

Andy said, “Mommy and I did.”

Graham gave Andy a weird look and said, “You and Mommy pooped on the floor?”

DEAD. I was dead.

Also? The pretend play he’s been into lately is completely adorable.

Graham asked me on Sunday if I wanted “stumpting to eat”. I told him “Sure!” so we sat at the table and had a full pretend meal. Then, of course, it was time to go swimming. So we “got dressed” and “went swimming”. Afterward, we dried off and I needed a haircut. You see where this is going. On and on and on is where this is going. And, at the same time, nowhere in particular.

Not to toot my own horn here, but – being the youngest child and odd gender out growing up – I ROCK at pretend play. I’m loving this stage.

Given our family situation right now, juggling a newborn, we decided to go low key with a party. We took Graham out to the party decorations aisle at Target and let him pick his theme. His pick?

Spongebob! (I know, I know – I already spoiled it above. I’m tired, whatever.) :)

Honestly, for getting a banner, some balloons, and some paper plates & napkins, we didn’t do too bad throwing a party together! :)

Like I said, Graham had his party on Saturday when he’d woken up from his afternoon nap. He was a little slow to start, but he warmed up eventually.

Grandpa and Grandma Paulson flew in for the weekend, not wanting to miss the big boy’s fun! Here are some pics from our party.

Mom, Dad and I, ready for the G-meister to wake up!

Baby Brother woke up in the middle of the party!

Show him how it’s done, lady! :)

We had a great time Saturday.

Today, his actual birthday, Andy and I both woke Graham up for school. We snuggled and told him that TODAY was his birthday (he’s been looking forward to it since Christmas) and that TODAY he is 3 years old. We let him pick out his clothes (batman shirt AND underwear, thankyouverymuch), and then got him all amped about taking Angry Bird cupcakes to school today. Tonight we open presents and dine on pizza and birthday cake.

Not too shabby for a third birthday. :) Happy birthday, little man.


  1. Happy Birthday Graham!!!! 

  2. Happy Birthday, G! I look forward to celebrating this day for the rest of my life, calling you up and saying ‘I remember the day you were born….’! Quintessential Aunt-speak :) but it’s true, I will ever forget, it was an amazing, special, exciting day for our family and
    I am so blessed to have vena part of it. Miss you, little buddy. 

  3. Grandma P says:

    Loved our weekend, and enjoyed Graham’s party, too!!

  4. Love this post!  Some very cute stories and pictures!  

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