Transition Period

So, I go to pick Graham up from school yesterday. I arrived a little early because I’d had an early release following a department meeting. The operations manager at the daycare center told me, as I was checking Graham out on the front desk computer, that he “popped up on the radar for transition”.

That means Graham will imminently be moving to the – WAIT FOR IT…..

2 to 3-year-olds’ room

WHAT?!?  Okay, I jest, because I knew this was coming.  He’s a month and a half away from turning 2.  But the ops manager did blow my mind by saying she expected him to be fully transitioned by Jan 1.

Um, no.  Heh. I need more time than that – for many reasons.  One being that I wanted to shop daycares before this next classroom move.  I l-o-v-e our daycare, but mostly because I love his teachers.  Yes, I love the curriculum too, and we’ve got great families there as well.

But there is a certain sparkly allure to a daycare that:

  1. is incredibly much closer to home (rather than work)
  2. has extended hours – which would allow Andy to take some of the pick-up/drop-off duties
  3. is a little cheaper (?)

Dare I dream? Really hard to imagine messing with the great thing we’ve got going at the place we’re at, but I have to at least entertain this urge since it’s an opportune time to make the move.

Besides, this guy doesn’t look ready for a 2-to-3-year-olds’ room, does he?

 Okay, nevermind.  Please don’t answer that last question.


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Love that face!

  2. Our kids drag us by the hair, kicking and screaming ( internally at least), into that next “transition”. It never ends.

  3. Love that little guy!! I just got the note today that C is transitioning to Toddler Club on January 1st!

  4. No way, Michelle! When did we say it was okay for this? :) but hanging out with Charles lately, he’s totally ready. I knooow the same is true for G, but I have a harder time believing it about my own kid!


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