Treading Water

We have been in this almost-surreal state lately. Awful things have been happening, great things have been happening, and big things loom that have us stuck in a weird holding pattern.

Remember how we lost my Great Uncle Mark in February? Well, we lost not only Andy’s grandpa to a stroke in March but then in a staggering turn of events lost Andy’s aunt to cancer last week. Not even a week ago now. We’d seen her at the funeral seemingly her normal, albeit grieving, self and a few weeks later she was gone. It’s the sort of thing that makes all your edges raw. We are left almost fizzing with residual anxiety in an anything-could-happen sort of way.

Meanwhile, life in the North is simply beautiful. The weather is warming, trees are greening, things are blooming. We exhaust ourselves on the weekend making our landscaping home-y and beautiful while the boys run around finding sticks and digging holes in our yard to try and outdo each other finding the biggest, fattest earthworms.

Graham planted peas in the back garden this year. There are lots of things sprouting where we planted them, but we’re not sure which are peas and which are weeds, so it’s a garden free-for-all back there until the plants are big enough to determine which to keep and which to pull.

I’ve been on the road the past two weeks doing some intensive research with consumer focus groups. Andy’s been holding down the fort with the boys. I think it’s safe to say: we’re all glad that I’m going to be home for awhile.

Lastly, we are in a holding pattern on everything else until we figure out what’s going on with my job. My company is merging with another in a big deal that is sure to mean changes and soon. The deal doesn’t go through until the end of the year, but everyone at work is on edge about it.

In fact, we have our current CEO and COO visiting our little headquarters site next Monday morning for a 30-minute town hall meeting. The CEO has never been here, so everyone is left wondering why visit? Why now? It has the hallmarks of “big announcement” but it also could just be… “The CEO’s never been here and wanted to see the place” kinda stuff. Who knows.

That’s just sort of the mantra at work right now: “It could be huge, but it could be nothing.” Go about your lives. We’ll let you know if something changes.

So we are. Going about our lives, pretending nothing is over our shoulders. Planning camping trips and chasing each other around with big fat earthworms. Because what else are you going to do?


  1. Living life in the moment, on life’s terms. Tough on those of us who plan perpetually, but also can be curiously freeing.

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