Weekend Trips & Baby Kate

We just got home from a couple of whirlwind weekend trips. Weekend before last, we piled in the car and traversed the Wisconsin-Illinois Interstate system to visit my parents. There, we celebrated my Dad’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, got our teeth cleaned, visited with Uncle Michael & Andy got a little catch-up time with friends before we piled back in the car and headed home.

Graham conquers Uncle Michael with huge foam pirate sword

Graham conquers Uncle Michael with huge foam pirate sword,
his balloon-animal-defense never stood a chance.

*This* weekend we made the voyage to Milwaukee. The trip wasn’t without its setbacks – Baby Reid threw up in the car upon arriving to the Milwaukee airport (on our way to Atlanta, no less), we forgot a umbrella stroller necessitating arm-disintegrating strength as we carried that sweet 30-lb sack of potatoes through the airport, and Graham did minor (but not insignificant) wall damage trying to be silly for Charlie’s benefit.

But I choose not to let those things define the visit because there is a baby girl to celebrate! We got to meet sweet baby Kate and all was right with the world.

Baby Reid meets his cousin in CUTEST INTRODUCTION EVER

Baby Reid meets his cousin in CUTEST INTRODUCTION EVER

Not only that, but we got our gang back together – even if just for a little bit. We fell into the visit just like it was old times back in the Big D.


Except there are a lot of wonderful pint-sized additions now! (And a lot more conversations ditched halfway through to rescue something or someone from certain destruction!)


If you want to see more great pictures from the visit, go see them at Michelle’s site: www.fischandmich.com

Bonus: On Saturday night, the boys were tucked into Charlie’s bunk bed and clearly carrying on some sort of rousing conversation. I snuck upstairs and slid my phone underneath the door to capture it. (The remaining adults were downstairs laughing about an SNL skit, by the way. Haha.)


Note: Sorry about the low volume, once you get it adjusted, it should be easy enough to hear. If not, then there’s always the captions! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, call it my hormones still but I’m crying over that video. Tears from laughing so hard at that ‘oh’ misunderstanding and just plain tears. :) So glad you were able to get down and visit, Claire was feeling a tad guilty that she got to see Miss Debs and her own niece hadn’t. :) 

    • Isn’t that video so cute? We were just dying that these little guys have thoughts that they can articulate and bounce off one another. 

  2. How precious!

  3. OMG! I forgot how funny that audio was. How cute are those boys?!? I also didn’t realize how hard I was laughing at the snl clip (which is HILARIOUS and everyone should watch it). 

    I had such a great weekend; I miss you guys a lot :( Thanks for coming all the way past the mason dixen to see us!!

    • I thought you’d be proud of my including the SNL video link. That one was for you! :)

      And anytime!! We had a great time too!!  :) :)

  4. I’m out of town tonight, sitting in a bar by myself, and the silent captions of that video still make my shoulders shake from laughter.  I terribly miss those two together.

    (Nice job on the video. As a fellow video editor, that’s more complicated than it looks.)

    • Yes! Thank you! I think if I had to do captioning all the time I’d want something a little higher power than iMovie. It’s not really made for that. But eh. It’s fine. Not perfect, but gets the point across. :)

  5. Really neat that you captured this, and how they shared thoughts, Kudos for not rushing in when you heard the “I can reach the curtain” comment!

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