I called it. One month ago, when Reid was first diagnosed with this nasty ear infection, I called it:



Today, we saw the ENT. I give credit to the doc – for as common as this procedure is, he sure took us through Ear Tube 101. Made sure we understood what we were talking about.

The fact was and is – we ultimately had a choice to make. We could choose to wait and see if this clears up on its own in a month or so, or we could opt for the surgery now. Reid is pretty young and we’ve only dealt with one ear infection so far. This is not a clear road where the only option is tubes.

Given that the kid is struggling with sleep and that he’s been on some serious antibiotics for the last month solid – we opted for the procedure.

In a way, it would’ve been nice to have the doctor tell us that this was the only way to go. To not have had this feel so… optional. But I stand by our decision.

Two things really stood out that make me feel good about this:

1. Reid’s eardrums are basically have no movement (as a normal eardrum would) in response to vibrations. This indicates the obvious – there’s back pressure and fluid behind the drum. Doc said, “You know that feeling that you have when your ears don’t pop on a plane? Reid feels like that all the time.” Oh, and sound isn’t being transmitted through the middle ear normally either.

2. The procedure would provide instant relief for Reid. He’d feel completely normal following the surgery and he’d have relief for about a year through all the yucky colds and congestion he is certain to endure in daycare,

All said, we’re going for it. We schedule the surgery tomorrow, and then we’ll know when we’re headed for permanent relief. Yippee!



  1. Michelle says:

    Seems like a no-brainer: why put off the inevitable? I think you made the only decision; I absolutely would have done the same thing. 

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