Two Weeks In

So, who wants to bankroll a laptop for me so I can post more frequently? I started the process of writing well over an hour ago, but was thwarted at nearly every turn. You wouldn’t think that having a desktop computer at the far end of an upstairs hallway would be that inhibiting to the blogging process, but when you run up and down stairs to attend to nearly every need of the household – baby, dog, doorbell, and the stupid lightning iPhone cord that we only have one of (currently plugged in by my nightstand)… like I said. I started this an hour ago and as it is – I’m still typing one-handed!

Okay, got the baby put down. Let’s go!

Well, we’ve been a family of four for two weeks now, and things have been actually going quite smoothly. Yes, in some ways it feels like a lot longer than 2 weeks have passed. I suppose that’s what happens when you’re awake to bear witness to nearly every single hour of the day.

I’m going to say it right off – Reid is a very different temperament compared to his big brother, Graham. We’re getting into more fussy days now as we hit various growth spurts and otherwise awake and alert periods, but in general, Reid soothes himself pretty darn quickly. Instead of getting progressively more keyed up when he’s upset, he’ll more let out a squawk that sounds like a “YAH!” from wherever he is and wait for someone to come get him. It’s actually sort of endearing.

In fact, Reid’s pretty content to be set down in a bouncy seat or a swing for the most part. If he’s having trouble falling asleep in either position, he’ll cry out for someone to come pick him up and snuggle him so he can fall asleep in our arms. After he’s asleep, he’s pretty good to be transferred back to the baby-holding device of your choosing. (Case in point, I started writing this post one-handed, and now the little guy is snoozing away next to me in his bouncy seat. No biggie.) This makes for a VERY nice maternity leave experience, as I can grab a shower, a meal, a nap or do some household chores fairly easily.

Sleep is going pretty great too. During the day, Reid naps in the swing, his bouncy seat or in our arms. At night, we swaddle him up and put him in the bassinet of the Pack n Play in our room. After that, he’s pretty content to wake up, eat, get swaddled and go back to sleep again. So far there’s been no need for middle-of-the-night walking sessions to try and get him back to sleep after feedings. I’d be super okay if it stays that way.

Most nights, Reid will sleep 2-2.5 hours at a stretch, putting him at around 3 hours between feeding sessions. This, I can deal with. On the one or two bad nights we’ve had, he was only sleeping in hour stretches. Last night, he slept for his first ever 4-hour stretch. I nearly broke out into song this morning when I realized it. Simply glorious.

This baby isn’t big on pacifiers. A really convincing person can get him to take one – and he *does* like them when he’ll actually agree to have the vile thing put in his mouth – but it’s quite the effort. He likes sucking on his fingers though, which I know he did in utero, based on ultrasound pictures.

Reid was born with not one, but TWO, different variations of newborn skin funk: newborn rash (read: nondescript red bumps everywhere on the body) and pustular melanosis. That second one sounds scary, doesn’t it? Basically, on Reid’s second day in the hospital, he broke out in an angry rash with big white bumps everywhere that sort of looked like chicken pox. Sure enough, though, the doc said it was absolutely nothing to be worried about and both rashes healed up within a week. Phew.

He also had a touch of jaundice coupled with a 10-ounce weight loss in the hospital. That weight loss is on the upper limit of normal, but this is where all nursing mothers hold their breath and worry about whether or not the breastfeeding thing is working.

Well, guess what? The jaundice went away and at his two-week doctor’s check, he was over his birth weight! BOO-yah.

Official stats:

Weight: 8 lbs, 12 oz (65 %ile)
Height: 21.3 inches (82 %ile)
Head: 14.8 cm (92%ile)

So, that’s it really. Mostly, we just hang around the house and wait for our next opportunity to eat. :)

Oh, and at least one of us has tons of fun dressing the other up in a seemingly endless supply of adorable Christmas outfits.

How cute is that?!

Finally – a couple of bonus pics…

The night before the induction, we were sitting around the living room with our parents joking with Graham about how he was going to have to change the baby’s diapers. Soon after, he started asking for his gloves. “I need gloves!” Asking everybody for his gloves.

Finally it dawned on me: daycare teachers use gloves when they change diapers. So I fished him out a pair of mittens from the closet, and he set out immediately to change Muno’s diaper. See below. 😉

I know *I* never look this happy when I’m changing diapers!!

Hilarious. :)


  1. Jesse Phillips says:

    Love the pics and blog Deb. Let me know if you need anything.. Im just around the corner!

    • Thanks, Jesse. What are your nights looking like… Say 3:00 am? 😛

      • Jesse Phillips says:

        lol…Oh I would say 3:00 looks pretty good cause im usually out! 😉 …Miss those days of getting up..but, not that much! :-)

  2. You all are looking great.  I did have to re-read this a couple of times because the first time, I thought you’d celebrated with “BOOB-Yah!” 😉

  3. Great update! Poor Andy does look a bit wiped out. Also note that Muno is doing a headstand during G’s diapering. I’m betting that Reid doesn’t stand on HIS head during a change! Such good news that things are going so well!

    • That pic of Andy was last Monday. Thankfully I do think we look more chipper these days. Only gotta get better right?

  4. Only 6 days til Christmas but more importantly only 4 days til I get to hold that little bundle again.  Can’t wait.  Oh you may have forgotten but your husband is a tech wiz that should be able to figure out how to post from your iPad. I’ll pay him to do it so we can hear from you more often.  Great pics.

    • I used to be able to post on my iPad! It would be so much easier! But since I upgraded to the new look earlier this year, it doesn’t work anymore. And, not coincidentally, post frequency went down!

  5. So much to comment on! I love his sleepy smile picture and his dark (!?!) head of hair. I like how all of the Fischer babies have huge heads (percentage-wise, of course). I love that he’s getting with the program and making mat leave a lot more fun! And I cannot wait to cuddle this little lovebug on Christmas Eve. Grandpa C is going to have to move over, Auntie M is coming to town!

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