View from Our House

I got home late from a recording session last night.  Driving into the neighborhood I saw a fire marshall’s red pickup leaving as well as a white compact car with blue flashing lights on top (from some unidentifiable agency… maybe the utilities office? It wasn’t a truck…)  I made the left onto our street (well, the street leading to our street anyway).

A buffet of swirling cherry lights awaited me.  One fire truck and two police cars blocked the street.  No matter, I swung left and took a detour to our door.  When I got home, Andy said, “That house caught on fire.”

“Are you KIDDING?” (I mean, how many times have you seen a fire truck answering a call that was actually a fire really?)

“I guess… I mean, I think,” he went on. “They arrived during the thunderstorm… there’d been really close lightening… I went outside and I could smell the smoke.  Smelled like a campfire.”


Well, wait for crazy. It’s 6:30 am, and the fire trucks are still there. At least one hook and ladder (you can see it above the roof of a house on the right) is still here.  You can still see flashing lights and, if you watch long enough, you see plumes of water being sprayed over the top of the house.

I literally have nothing to say.  Partly because I don’t actually know what’s happened yet.  I’ll see if I can see it when we leave the house this morning.  Andy thinks it’s burned down pretty badly for them to be spraying water over the top.  I can’t believe it’s still an active fire.  There was nothing obvious going on when I got home last night.

Anyway, I’ll post an update when I have one.  So far, the Internet does me no good!  (There’s your next idea Google. Figure out how to get me police and fire blotters for my town.) It’s shaking – to say the very least – to even imagine a house fire on your street. I hope everyone’s okay…

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