We’ve had quite a day around here! Baby Reid is officially a walker!

Reid has been starting to take independent steps this week. And by “independent steps,” I mean he figured out how to shift his weight and lift one foot off the ground to take one single step without holding onto anything. Before tonight he’d been yet to string two steps together.

I was practicing with him after dinner while Andy was helping Graham in another room. He was walking toward his favorite target – an overstuffed armchair. He took two steps, wobbled but caught himself and straightened back up. He stood there, turned around and smiled at me like, “whoa, I didn’t fall down!” then took a couple more steps.

So that’s pretty much when it clicked. Andy grabbed the video camera real quick, and this is what we got.

(You can hear Graham in the first clip fretting about how his mystery-flavored sucker [with a purple wrapper] didn’t have “the matching” colored sucker inside. These things are important, you know.)

Also of [lesser] note for today: we had a big snowfall. Official snowfall for Madison = 5.5″ but whatever dude. It was way more than that! (Also, figure we already had about 3-4 inches on the ground.)

apartment snow

A shot of our balcony.
I’m such a great photog – no need to say it.

Graham, Reid & I decided to give the boys’ Christmas gift to Andy a couple days earlier: snow boots! Graham and Andy christened them with a big play session in the snow this afternoon.

And after that? Hot chocolate and marshmallows. Or, as Graham calls them “smarshmallows.” (I like his version better.) He’s been dying to try hot cocoa. He says [Curious] George drinks it, and today finally he got his chance.

Graham hot chocolate

A hit. Obviously.

Perhaps needless to say, we are sort of euphoric this evening. What a great day. Hope you all had a great day too!  :)


  1. Yay Reid!!! So exciting! It’ll be hard to sleep tonite!

  2. Go Reid go!! 

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