What a Difference a Day Makes

What a difference a day makes indeed!

Since yesterday’s post was whiny, I thought I’d publish an update.

Last night, little Reid started being distinctly happier with his meals. His first stretch of sleep, which has been running just about 3 hours – sometimes less, sometimes more – was 4.5 hours. Boo yah!

Except, irony of ironies, I woke up at the 3-hour mark and couldn’t fall back asleep. So unfair!

Today, I had a dental hygiene appointment just after Noon, and the little guy slept right through. I was sweating this appointment based on yesterday’s hijinks, but the worry was unfounded.

After we got home? Playtime!


I have to say… tummy time works! I never really kept up with it for Graham. He was so fussy, it never felt like playtime. I mean, I could put an already-crying baby down on his tummy to cry, but somehow it seemed wrong, you know? Reid’s really benefitting from the playtime on his tummy though. :)

After a rousing time on the play gym, it was time for a nap! One thing led to another, and Reid ended up snoozing here on the couch next to me.


So I’ve been catching up on Biggest Loser and Grey’s Anatomy. Winner.

Just as I was thinking what a fun day today has been, it dawned on me that I was blubbering tears of frustration at Andy over the phone just 24 hours ago.

So, new mommies, just know that I’d you’re going through a rough spot, that’s all it likely will amount to. Take my word for it. :)


  1. Enjoyed catching up. I love that little monkey….he’s so, so cute. He looks like himself, not like G and not like C :) glad he took it easy on you yesterday!

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