What. A. Week.

Here’s a recap of our week this week. It has been a doozy.

  1. Shout-out: Happy Birthday to Dad! He turned 59 on Monday!
  2. Travel: Andy headed down for an overnight in Houston… to onboard a new IT guy who will be reporting to him for at least the next few months. Yes, people, the IT department has doubled in size! So, for the time being, Andy doesn’t have to worry about Houston and surrounding areas! :::throws confetti:::
  3. Layoffs: Big time layoffs at my work this week. Thankfully my department is lean and recognizably understaffed and was left fairly unscathed. Still, I showed up to work on Monday morning to stacked boxes, packing tape and dollies at every elevator on every floor. Not to mention, Security was stationed throughout the halls, and every conference room, save for one or two, were blocked off by HR. I don’t care how you cut it: This was stressful and made the work environment rather like a funeral home.
  4. Executive audiences: I had a chance to present some research findings to the 3 highest-level executives in our department, including our senior vice president, as well as a couple of senior directors, including mine, and a handful of other folks. Not a huge deal, but, yes, I am mighty glad its over!
  5. Counting: Graham is counting to five now, and is on his way to counting to ten without help from us. What?! I had no idea kids counted this early. But sure enough, he’ll set out his toys or look as his fingers in the car and… “Wahn, doo, free, foh, fiii-eeve. Sicks, seh-min, ayte, nii-een, TEN!”

On top of it, we had Valentine’s Day, Andy had church rehearsal… and, guys, I am MORE than ready for a relaxed weekend with no plans!


  1. Whew! Glad to hear you made it through the layoffs! Can’t wait to hear Graham count.

  2. I am impressed with the counting. I can really tell he has a Texas accent.

  3. Charlie counted to five yesterday, too. Of course, his was more like “Un, duh, duh, duh, duh… YAAAAY (claps hands)!!!” Maybe someday mimicry will translate to actual talking.

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