Wisconsin House Inspection

Why, good morning, Wisconsin!


We had our first, totally official snowfall. Now, yes. It did snow on my first day of work, but nothing stuck around for more than a half day or so, so this I count as the first snow. I slid around on the road. I had to wear snow boots. The works.

Speak of the devil, my Columbia snow boots. I bought them right before I went on a ski vacation with the Fischers during Christmas break of my freshman year in college. Some 13 years ago.


I wore them throughout college. Not bad to have a pair of snow/hiking boots around when you go to college in Illinois. My roommates and labmates have even indicated that they remember them, which is either a reallyreally good thing or a reallyreally bad thing.

Then they went on a shelf when we moved to Texas, where I spent the next 7 years repeatedly convincing myself that I still needed them.

Then ah-ha, victory! We decided to move to Wisconsin!


Michelle warned me that this was tempting fate. Her Columbia boots dry-rotted straight off her feet on a ski trip not too long ago. So, this morning, before I put them on, I inspected them meticulously.

ZERO signs of stress. No cracks, no discoloration, nothing.

And yet, after dropping the boys at daycare, I looked down while enjoying a pre-inspection cup of coffee at the McDonald’s with Andy and WHAT IN THE SAM HILL.


I cannot stress enough how perfect these boots were when I left the house. And how necrotic they looked not even 1 hour later.

Mercifully, I had a pair of red pumps with me to wear at work, but I had to wear these nasty boots for the house inspection. Well. At least from the walk between the car and the house, because it was snowing after all. We took our shoes off in the foyer for the duration of the inspection itself.

So the inspection? I took about 600 pictures of the interior of the house. How many of the outside? Zero. Ha. So, okay, you saw a little picture of it in an earlier post. You’ll have to wait until moving day to see pics of the rest, I guess.

Before I get to the house pictures, the inspection went great. There was absolutely nothing wrong or anything that needed to be fixed. So basically, Andy and I got a chance to marinate in the glow of pre-homeownership for a few hours. It was glorious.

How do I love this house? Let me count the ways.

***DISCLAIMER: I’m going totally self-indulgent here. It’s shallow, it’s selfish, it’s basically gag-inducing. If you have no interest in this, which – who could blame you – feel free to close the post now. Or skim through the pics if you’re curious and then close. I’ll be back to normal next post. But to not act excited about this house would be disingenous. So, here we are. :)


The dining room is, indeed a basic box-of-a-room [off to the right of the front door] with questionable color (lavender was never my thing) and dicey window dressings. But there’s room for grandma’s dining room table and chairs. And a walk through (from that back corner door) past a walk-in pantry to the kitchen.


Lots of nice light in here!


There is an office off to the left of the front door. It’s a big office. There are a pair of pocket glass doors on the opposite wall that close it off from the family room. There is also an ethernet cable jack in here. Andy is in love. Also, the piano might go in here. Plenty of space for it, anyway. It’s a possibility


Walking down the hallway from the front door and off to the left is the main floor living area or family room. (Or, if you walk through the office pocket doors, you’d be standing in this room too.) That fireplace has a MANTLE people! I am so excited to finally have one!! The fireplace is gas and operated with a wallswitch.


Turn 180 degrees from that last picture and you’re staring into the kitchen! Lots of space in here. I’m looking for a place to put our big buffet that we had in the old house and am not seeing it, so it’ll have to move to an adjoining room. Argh. I love that piece. Upgrades from our last house? Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. New last year.


5 burners on this stove.


I am basically weeping right now.


And now I’m awestruck and speechless. Never would I ever have imagined I would have such appliances in any house I owned. And that water dispenser? It has a child lock.

Aww silky silky now.

I couldn’t get a good shot of the main floor bedroom suite. If you scroll up and look at that picture where Andy is standing in the kitchen, you can see down the hallway past the fridge on the right. As you walk down that hallway, the laundry room is off to your left. Then a full bathroom with a tub/shower. Then you walk into a bedroom (which is connected but can be shut off from the bathroom) and, if you walk through the bedroom, you ultimately end in an anteroom that they finished out to be a hobby room of sorts. There they have an extra fridge, a desk, and a craft table. In that room is also an access to the exterior. A perfect mother-in-law’s suite (that’s what they used to call them in Texas, anyway).  A main floor guest suite for any of you who want to come visit!

Off the kitchen again is the access to the basement…


… which is where I feel like I’m Alice and have fallen into the rabbit hole. They’ve renovated an entire side of this basement as a full-on movie theater. This picture [above] is the view coming down the stairs and is actually a view of a pair of closet doors. Just simple storage. There is another set of doors that look like the closet doors on the left but that open into…


… the movie theater. Seats six. The chairs recline. The lights dim. The setup pulls no punches. I never wanted a theater room. I’m sort of mixed on it now, but rest assured, Andy LOVES it. Graham is pretty much going to die.

Basically, we are going to need family therapy in about 5 years because the boys will be entrenched down here while I’m upstairs glowing in my kitchen and we will never see each other.


Or maybe….


… maybe I’ll pop down once in awhile. 😉


Off to the left of the stairs (the theater room was off to the right) is a family room space. Rest assured, this *will* become Kid-topia.


Past the playroom is a no-holds-barred workout room. Complete with rubber flooring. I was like, “Man – these people are SERIOUS about their fitness!” but then we realized that the husband is an Olympic volleyball player. So yeah. Pretty serious.

This will be the guitar room, by the way.


Past the fitness/guitar room is our unfinished storage area. Again, we weep tears of joy. There are no basements in Texas. Let the crap accumulation BEGIN.

The upstairs is an upstairs. The master bedroom is up there. I was going to show a picture of it, but it’s really just a room with other people’s furniture in it. Imagine a box. With some closets. :) It will be sooo nice to be on the same floor as the kids. We were logging MAJOR steps when the boys were itty bitty babies and learning how to sleep through the night!


The boys’ bathroom is a dual-sink dealie. Above is one sink – the other is on the opposite wall. There’s a bathtub and toilet in here too.


Here is one of the two other (non-master) bedrooms upstairs. I imagine this will be Graham’s room. Bet he’ll pick it just because of the color. 😉

So that’s basically it! I can’t wait to move in! It will be sometime in January. We know we want to paint the walls, just to give things a fresh look and bring the color scheme closer to our decorating palette. It would be nice to do that before moving in. We shall see.

The great thing is, there is no buyer’s remorse. We spent more time in the house, and we are exponentially more excited about it.

OH. And maybe the best part? I clocked my drive to work from the house. In the snow…

15 minutes. BAM.


  1. So, so exciting! It looks beautiful, so perfect for you guys! I love that stove top and extra drawer in the fridge….let the cooking begin! And it will feel impossibly big after three months in an apartment :)
    Super jealous of that commute, too!

  2. When can we come visit?! It looks amazing and i’m so excited for you guys… so much room to grow! And a 15 min commute… AH-MAZING! Also, I expect a full blog post dedicated to your new boots. And if you hate them, you have my address. :)

  3. So happy for you guys.  Finding a house is one thing; finding a home is another.  Glad that you are happy with your purchase, even after spending more time in it.

    Pretty jealous of that theater room, too….

  4. I just hope you can stay there for ever. House looks great. Good place to raise those boys. Bet they will love it too. Proud od you both

  5. So cool! The boys will love the theater room and football Sundays. So funny that you wanted to move closer to your boys and I was happy to get of the 2nd floor! Grass is always greener. I’m excited you found a house you like, close and quickly. Have fun making it your own!

  6. It looks like the perfect house for you.  The kitchen looks great!  You will love that drawer in the refrigerator!

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