Words, Words, Words

Graham and I test drove the route to Daycare Option 1 this morning.  (We drove Daycare Option 2 yesterday). I zigged when I should’ve zagged and somehow accidentally ended up at a busy stoplight on a super busy road – a road that I try and avoid at all costs on normal days.

G and I were waiting and waiting and waiting at this forever stoplight, listening to Christmas music when all of the sudden, from the backseat I heard, “BALL!”  I flipped off the radio, looked back and said, “Ball?” Graham repeated, “BALL.. ball, ball… BALL!” 

All the while, he was grinning like a big ol’ goon, staring out the window.  A quick follow of his gaze led me to the conclusion that he was proclaiming the grandeur of the gigantic Christmas tree across the street.

Still staring out the window, Graham repeated “Ball!” a few more times and then… “Twee!!” (his word for ‘tree’) “Ball! Twee! Daddy!”


“DADDY!” he yelled!  I said, “Daddy’s at work.” But it was too late, Broca’s area was hard at work and completely unstoppable at that point.  In fact, it was like something shorted out, because his eyes got really big and before I knew it…

“Daddy. Ball. Cookie. Puppy. Kitty. Toast. Ball. Twee. Bell. Twee. Twee. Poop. Bear. Bunny. Baby. Blankie. Potty. Piper*. Bear. Bear. Leh go. Snack. Stop! Gog** Gog. Go. Gog. Go. Go. Go. GOOOOOOOO. Book! Daddy? Mommy! Cookie?”

And on. And on.



 The words slowed once the car got going, but we pretty much continued until we got to daycare. I am shocked at how fast this kid is picking up language.  Par for his age, I’m certain, but it’s truly amazing to witness!


*Graham’s word for ‘diaper’.
**Graham’s word for ‘dog’.


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Love it!!!

    Nama? Gampa? We’ll work on those!

  2. We’ll work on them tonight!

    And by the way, today, when Graham asked, “Daddy?” I said, “Daddy’s at work.” He thought about that for a minute and said, “Bye-bye Daddy work.” :::so exciting!!!::: :)

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