You Are Not Annoying on Facebook… and other things I wish I could tell you

Hi there, friend. Or family member. Or person that I used to know once upon a time and have nostalgic memories with.

I miss talking with you, and I wonder what you’re up to. I mean, I think it’s interesting that you are the color “orange” and that you should be living in Utah, based on a quiz. I giggle at Buzzfeed, roll my eyes at HuffPost and gobble up whatever you share from NPR. (Oh look, Nordstrom is showing me a million pictures of the shoes I once Googled… creepy…)

But those pictures of your kids that you now think twice about posting because you don’t want to be one of “those people.” I plead to you:

BE one of those people. That’s why I’m here. I want to see pictures of your garden and hear what you made for dinner. No, I’m not being sarcastic. I love it when my Facebook feed fills up with pictures of car dash thermometers when it’s freaking cold outside and posts about the Chicago Bears winning.

No, again, not being sarcastic. Or ironic. Or thinking too hard about this.

It’s Facebook. Why are we all thinking so hard about this? Are we all so afraid of faceless judgement that we now can’t post what we’re up to?

Even the political posts (which, please… who has *ever* reconsidered their political leanings because of an interesting article they read on the internet?…) post them. I actually really wish you would tell me in your own words what you thought was interesting instead of just sharing, but whatever you have time for friend – do it.

I miss you. In fact, I wish you blogged. Even just a little bit. Even just a couple of sentences every few days. You don’t even have to post pictures because I may have more sympathy than many for the additional time that takes. Just jot a couple of sentences about how your day was. What are you struggling with right now? Why, exactly, are you doing the happy dance today?

Don’t overthink it. Just tell me what you think is interesting right this very minute. (I need to take that advice myself, don’t I?)

Maybe it’s because I’m fairly adept at filtering what I know I can’t handle. I hid a lot of people from my Newsfeed after each miscarriage. Babies and pregnancies were too painful to see. If I know an article is going to be upsetting, I don’t let curiosity get the better of me. If someone has been standing a really long time on their soapbox, we take a break from one another. I always come back though. So I guess I wish folks wouldn’t do the filtering for me. (*cough* Facebook-the-company, do you hear me?? *cough*) I can do that for myself.

So, how about it guys. Deal?


  1. Michelle says:

    I actually just went through and his a whole bunch of people from my feed. If you’re not on my Christmas card list or I don’t think I will ever see you again, I hid you! It’s actually a lot easier to go through my feed now….so now I need to come up with another source of time wasting :)

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