You’d Better Watch Out, You’d Better Not Cry

We did The Santa Thing this morning. :)

Andy, Graham and I drove out to Grapevine to the Gaylord Texan – a big resort where, every year, Santa takes a break from toy-making supervision at the North Pole to terrorize young children ask kids what they want for Christmas.

Let’s just say we never got around to making any requests.

Graham couldn’t wait to see The Big Man. He kept pointing and saying, “Santa!” (You know, the man famous from all the Christmas ornaments on our ‘twee’.)

G tried several times to run up to Santa while he was busy with other kids. When he was next in line, he jumped up and down over and over and over, actually knocking me flat on my butt once as I crouched to try and keep him from severely injuring himself before his big moment.

Soon enough it was our turn. Classic toddler behavior ensued. I took him over with Charlie not far behind. We introduced ourselves. Graham waved and said, “Hi.” Santa reached out for a high five, which Graham happily returned. I set him down on Santa’s lap and “OMG APOCOLYPSE NOW!!!”

Not terrible, just full on tears. And he for SURE was not about to let me go anywhere. Charlie was taking Graham’s cue that all was not on the up and up. I glanced over to see how he was faring and he looked at me like, “Aunt Debbie are you going to save him?!”

So, at Santa’s suggestion, we got a family shot this year. 😛


Merry Christmas!


  1. Grandma Sue says:

    Love this picture!

  2. Love this picture but where’s the one of you on your butt!?! :) merry Christmas to the Fischer’s!

  3. Graham looks like ” how much longer?” Nice group shot, though!

  4. How funny! Graham looks like he is still trying to get over the trauma.

  5. Hilarious…we’ll always remember this one. It’s a very accurate account :)

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